Community: Favorite Abed Moments

After Community’s Emmy nomination for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series, I decided to compile some of my favorite Abed moments this past season of Community.  Warning: laughter may occur.

For possibly the best Abed moment of all time, Abed declares the world “the darkest, most terrible timeline”.  The being known as “Evil Abed” is then created.

Troy and Abed reenact their favorite Inspector Spacetime episode.

Evil Abed returns, only he forgets to bring an extension cord.

Troy and Abed try to out-one line each other.

Abed is gifted at the art of impersonation, and doesn’t understand why the waiter hates Die Hard.

Abed’s standup act is a bit specific to himself.  He doesn’t notice.

Troy and Abed rap.

Got a favorite Abed moment?  Post it below!  Six seasons and a movie!  Four seasons and a porno!