Emmy Nominees: Winners and WTFs

Today, the nominees for the Primetime Emmys were announced.  Here’s a quick rundown of the Winners and WTFs.


  • FX newbie American Horror Story tied Emmy fave Mad Men for 17 nominations.
  • Year after year Emmy snub Community gets one nomination for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series.  Six seasons and an Emmy.
  • Downton Abbey still gets a ton of recognition, even though its in the Drama category this year.
  • ModFam still dominates.  Groan.
  • No more major nominations for Glee.  Great job, Emmy voters.


  • Outstanding Actor for a Comedy has FOUR ModFam actors.  Seriously?
  • No Outstanding Comedy Series for Parks & Rec or Louie.
  • ‘Girls’ somehow nominated for Outstanding Comedy series.  Don’t get me started with Big Bang Theory.
  • No Hugh Laurie nom for final season of House.
  • Danny Pudi of Community and John Noble of Fringe snubbed again.
  • Ashley Judd for MISSING??? There are NO. WORDS.

These are only a few of the nominees this Emmy season.  Click here to read the full list.  What did you want to see nominated?