True Blood – “In The Beginning”

True Blood delivers yet another great episode with “In The Beginning”, reminding us how truly awesome the show can be.

Some episode spoilers below.

While “In The Beginning” lacks the cohesive vision of “Hopeless”, it brings the majority of side characters into the main plot lines of the season. It can also be said that the main plot lines are also a lot more focused than the nonsensical chaos at the beginning of the season.

The reveal of the traitor was a complete dénouement. Pretty much everybody suspected Salome already, considering she was the only one who was able to free Russell. Because of that, it’s nice that the writers didn’t spend too much time with it. Also in the barely-in-the-episode group, Tara talks to her mother. Lettie Mae is up to the same old stuff, accusing Tara of destroying her reputation and being a terrible daughter. Alcide was also in the episode somewhere, but his scenes have pretty much turned into time for female viewers to watch Joe Manganiello’s abs.


Let me just say I completely loathe Sookie Stackhouse. I find her self centeredness and inability to do anything interesting completely repugnant. That being said, I enjoy watching her use her powers and fight people. So now that Sookie’s giving up her powers for a normal life, I have no reason to even watch her part of the story. It was nice to see her introduced into Luna and Sam’s story though. One of the real highlights of “In The Beginning” was Hoyt’s story, where he becomes BFFs with the Obama mask-clad supe hate group. Not only were the scenes hilarious, but they also brought relevance to another side character’s story. I’m really interested in where his character will go next.

Arlene’s tear fest with her wedding tape was a bit irrelevant to the episode, but her conversation with Holly was really great. I mean, it’s about time a character realized that any amount of crazy shit is possible. I don’t really care for Terry’s Ifrit storyline, but I really enjoy his character. I really like the scenes with his character, and I think that he should have an equally great story.

The vampire story in this episode brought back some memories of the gory, murder filled early seasons. I love a good beheading. An appearance from Steve Newlin was great too. I f*cking love him. As great as those parts were, the episode overall was pretty preachy. That is, until they took Lilith blood and tripped vampire balls. The sequence that followed was great. Completely stoned, the Authority and their entourage skipped through the French Quarter. Only improving on this scene is that it includes a Bill-Eric piggyback ride.

The end of the Authority’s Lilith trip included Russell crashing a bad cover of “You Light Up My Life”, which reminded me why I loved him in the third season. Then, of course, the gang tears apart the crowd and kills them all. The biggest WTF moment of the episode is when Lilith appears to the vampires out of a pool of blood on the floor. Then, to add to the crazy, a vision of Godric appears to Eric to tell him she’s only an illusion. Damn. What the f*ck indeed.

“In The Beginning” wasn’t a stellar episode, but it revived some of the things that made me really love True Blood. I’m really looking forward to next week’s episode.

I give this episode 8.5/10.

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