Game Pick: Gravity Rush

The PlayStation Vita might’ve fumbled it’s launch and done poorly in the United States, that doesn’t mean the terrific system should be taken for granted.  With sleek, glossy visuals and dedicated dual analog controls, the Vita is really the first system able to play full console games on the go.  That’s why my first Game Pick is a Vita exclusive.

Gravity Rush is cool.  Okay, cool is an understatement.  Gravity Rush is completely 100% certified awesome.  With a premise and ambiance similar to SuckerPunch’s inFamous, Gravity Rush is a complex third-person superhero action game.  It tells the story of Kat, an amnesiac girl who is able to effect the world around her with the help of her cat Dusty.  Sure, it sounds childish and weird.  That’s also because it’s from Japan and has a way different target audience than inFamous.  That doesn’t mean Gravity Rush isn’t as awesome.  For a handheld game, it’s pretty damn close.

Kat doesn’t have lightning blots shooting and exploding from all around her, but her powers aren’t to be reckoned with.  Kat fights to save the floating town of Hekseville from evil shadow creatures called Nevi.  The cell-shaded watercolor look of Gravity Rush never ceases to amaze, even though the draw distance of the game is minimal, the art is gorgeous.

Gravity Rush isn’t the greatest game in the universe, and it’s by no means perfect, but it is an interesting and beautiful game that’s incredibly fun to play.  If you’re a fan of third person action, superhero games, or comics, I’d highly suggest Gravity Rush.  If you don’t, give it a try by playing the demo on PlayStation Network.

Stay tuned here for a full review here later this week.