Weeds – “Allosaurus Crush Castle” Review

It’s taken a couple of episodes, but Weeds is back in the game with a hilarious episode.  In “Allosaurus Crush Castle”, Nancy uses her son to get a job, Silas accidentally becomes a stripper, and Jill gets pregnant.  Season 8 of Weeds isn’t the best the show’s ever been, but “nice Nancy” is a welcome and fun to watch change.

The sleepover in “Allosaurus Crush Castle” was the funniest part of the episode.  Seeing Nancy’s warped parenting style was great, and so was her monologue where she gets out her own personal shortcomings by telling a five year old no one likes him, or threatening to microwave his toys.  Even better was when Nancy gave up and left the kids to Shane, who made them reenact the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Image Courtesy of Showtime

Silas had some great moments this episode too.  While breaking into a house to get his pot plants back, Silas is mistaken as a stripper, and the resulting scene is priceless.  It’s good that Weeds took a break from whiny angsting Silas for an episode and left the melodrama behind.

Andy and Doug get into some competition after Jill tells them she is pregnant.  I really like Andy as a character, but this episode didn’t bring back the “Chris died for your sins” style antics I loved from the earlier seasons.  Doug is still dumb as ever, though, and that’s entertaining at least.  Jill still really annoys me as a character, which I guess is actually the point of her character.

Image Courtesy of Showtime

The ending scene to “Allosaurus Crush Castle” was the main reason I thought it was so good.  Seeing Nancy back in the drug business and back to her old scheming makes me really want to watch the next episode.  I have no idea where Jenji Kohan and the writers of Weeds are intending to take the characters in the last season of Weeds, but I’m really looking forward to it.

I’m giving “Allosaurus Crush Castle” 8.5/10.

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