OUYA: Great for Gamers, Bad for Gaming


If you’re a gamer and you have an internet connection, you’ve probably heard of OUYA, the latest Kickstarter obsession.  For the uninformed, the OUYA is a small Android console that’s completely open source and hackable.  The little silver console picked up a ton of notoriety during its long Kickstarter run, along with a whopping 8.5 million dollars.

OUYA doesn’t just have the consumer’s attention.  Mojang, developer of the internet sensation Minecraft has backed the project.  So has Square Enix, who will be releasing the remastered version of Final Fantasy 3 on the console, and Namco Bandai who was in talks to bring “classics like Pac-Man and Galaga”, and “seminal franchises like Tekken and Ridge Racer”.

There’s no doubt at its $99 price point, everyone will be jumping to get their hands on one.  The real question hardcore gamers have about the OUYA is how it will affect the industry.  Companies like Sony rely on the sale of the PlayStation consoles to stay afloat, and with “casual” consumers flocking to a cheaper system, the future is looking grim.  One of the few reasons the PlayStation 3 has a leg up on the competition is because of its Blu Ray drive and other media and entertainment functions.  With casual gamers leaving Sony’s console, the company could be in serious trouble.

I’m not saying that the OUYA is a bad platform, but its price and the fact that it is open source make it ideal for casual gaming.  With casual gamers looking for a quick fix and their money nowhere to be seen, Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft will have to fight a little harder to keep their gamers loyal, and only time will tell what effect this has on them.


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