Fall TV: 5 Shows to Watch

The fall tv season us upon us!  Lots of old familiar faces are returning, as are a lot of terrible new ones.  Here are five of my picks for what to watch this season.

Image Courtesy of NBC


Human Beings, rejoice!  Community, the greatest and most underrated comedy since Arrested Development is back!  Sadly, season 4 marks the departure of creator and showrunner Dan Harmon, but that doesn’t mean Community will change forever.  New showrunners David Guarasico and Moses Port promised not to “screw it up”.  Plus, the cast is back and happy with the future of the series, which will include an Inspector Spacetime convention and the return of the evil german foosball team.

Image Courtesy of Showtime


Showtime hit drama gold with Homeland, the best new show of last season.  Claire Danes’ performance as the manic bipolar Carrie Mathison was stellar, and garnered an incredible amount of critical praise.  Homeland is really the reinvention of the espionage and post-9/11 genres, and could serve as your fall tv addiction.

Image Courtesy of The CW


Chances are you haven’t heard of Nikita.  Either that, or you’re an avid fan.  Maggie Q (Mission Impossible 3, Live Free or Die Hard) and Lyndsy Fonseca (Kick Ass) star in the action-packed drama.  Deadly assassin and super spy Nikita is out on a vendetta against the secret government agency called division that took everything away from her.  Now, to fix the atrocities committed by Division, she has to use its resources to right her old wrongs.  Beginning season 3, the show will be doing self-contained arcs in each episode, so now’s a better time than any to get into the action.

Image Courtesy of FOX


J.J. Abrams’  sci-fi hit Fringe has defied all odds and is back for a final fifth season.  Sadly, it’s at a reduced 13 episode count, but executive producer J. H. Wyman assured TV Guide “It’s a 13-episode sprint; there’s no filler episodes”.  It might take a while to get through the first four seasons (they’re free on Amazon Prime), but Fringe is well worth the time.  The writing is top-notch, and besides that, actors John Noble and Anna Torv are amazing.

Image Courtesy of The CW


After a year and a half, The CW has a new comic book series.  Arrow is a retelling of the classic Green Arrow origin story, with the generic Dark Knight gritty tone and a pretty great list of guest stars, including Torchwood’s John Barrowman.  Arrow received universal praise at a screening at Comic Con, so I have my hopes up that The CW’s new show hits the target (apologies for the archery pun).