About Me!

Welcome to the Attackturnip Blog!

Here on my blog, I ramble, rant, and review television, movies, video games and other parts of geek culture.  Currently, I’m pretty busy with school, so reviews and articles won’t be regular.  In the future, I hope to expand my weekly reviews and articles.  You can find my current review plans here.

You can also see my tumblr blog here.  I tend to keep it up to date more than this blog.

I’ll try to keep fresh content on the days I’m not reviewing television episodes, posting opinions, news, other reviews, or stuff I just find cool.  I’m always open to suggestions on content you’d like to see.  If you like an article, I’d love your feedback in the comments section.  This blog is here for you to enjoy as much as I enjoy writing it for you. 🙂