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OUYA: Great for Gamers, Bad for Gaming

If you’re a gamer and you have an internet connection, you’ve probably heard of OUYA, the latest Kickstarter obsession.  For the uninformed, the OUYA is a small Android console that’s completely open source… Continue reading

David Cage is (Singlehandedly) Saving The Gaming Industry

Heavy Rain was a surprise hit of 2010.  With its choose-your-own-adventure narrative and its dark, twisted ambiance, there’s no arguing it is one of the greatest stories ever told by a videogame.  In… Continue reading

Cool New Borderlands 2 Trailer

I don’t know who decided to mashup Borderlands and The Lion King, or what illegal drugs they were on, but I love them.  Seriously, this is the coolest thing ever. Good luck getting… Continue reading